6 Pack Spice Blends


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6 Pack Spice Blend Set

Ready to add a little variety to your spice cabinet? Now you can build your own six-pack of Seasonest spice blends. This organic gift set is perfect to give as a gift to the chef or aspiring chef in your life, or to keep for yourself, especially if you are trying to add more flavor to your healthy or clean eating lifestyle.  

This is our best selling value set. Being able to choose 6 spices gives you a spice blend set with variety or extras to share with family or friends who love great tasting food too. If you have that one favorite blend you want to stock up on, buy six with this set.

Be sure to check our recipe blog for cooking ideas and tips for using our spice blends. Chicken recipes and Mexican Food are popular so we've made sure you have plenty to choose from. Continue to check the blog post regularly as new recipes are posted regularly. 

About Our Products

Healthy food doesn’t have to be flavorless food! Every last one of our spice blends are completely gluten-free, non-GMO, and organic. We do not use MSG, fillers or additives in our seasonings.  They have been approved by vegans and paleo dieters alike! Just because you want to eat like a caveman or cut animal products out of your diet entire doesn’t mean you have to go without flavor. Our seasoning mixes are as close to homemade as possible to ensure flavor and excellent consistency from batch to batch. Choose any six blends!

Cajun - Creole seasoning: Original, Mild, Spicy, Original Salt-Free

Mexican Food spice blend: Adobo - Mexican Spice Blend

Everything - All-Purpose: Soul Food, Soul Food Mild, Soul Food Spicy

Caribbean: Jerk, Jerk Mild

Mediterranean: Lemon Pepper, Lemon Fire, Italian

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Joan Blaney 18th Feb 2020

Seasonest Products

My son lives outside the US and requests I send Seasonest products to him. Thank you for the interesting flavors and fast service.

Angela Veney 17th Feb 2020


I ordered this 6 pack of seasonings and I am so satisfied! You cannot beat it for the price that you pay. My food is flavorful and delicious and I got to try a couple of new seasonings that I wanted to try and replace a few of the old ones. I moved and the movers, for whatever reason, stole my box with my seasonings in them. They MUST have looked in and seen I had Seasonest seasonings (LOL). However, if you are on the fence about ordering this, I suggest you GET OFF THE FENCE ad get to ordering!!!

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