Jerk Spice Blend - 1lb Bag


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There is no better way to infuse your cooking with authentic Caribbean flavor than this Jerk Spice Blend from Seasonest. Easy to use (just sprinkle it over any dish to give it an instant kick of flavor and a little bit of heat), this spice is now available in bulk for anyone who wants to have a consistent supply of jerk seasoning for everyday use. This seasoning blend makes it easy to create tasty jerk chicken, as well as delicious pot roast, pork chops, and roasted veggies. Any dish that needs extra flavor and a little spiciness can use a dash of Seasonest Jerk Spice Blend.

Buy in bulk and save! Every single one of our blends is made in small, close-to-homemade batches for the freshest, most consistently delicious spice blends possible. 100% natural, organic, gluten-free, and vegan, this spice will punch up any healthy meal, without the chemicals and preservatives present in most spice brands’ blends.

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