Lemon Fire Spice Blend - 1lb Bag


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Do you love lemon pepper seasoning but find yourself always supplementing it with another ingredient to up your dish’s spiciness factor? If so, our Seasonest Lemon Fire Spice Blend is exactly what you have been looking for. All the zing and zest of lemon and pepper, expertly blended with cayenne pepper for an extra punch of flavor and heat. Perfect for sprinkling over a rotisserie chicken, over pork chops, with a little butter or oil as a marinade for fish, or to encourage picky children to eat their asparagus or green beans, there are no limits to what the Lemon Fire Spice Blend can do. Buy in bulk to save money and always have your favorite spice on hand!

The Seasonest Lemon Fire Spice Blend is all natural, completely organic, gluten-free, and made with non-GMO ingredients. Great for vegans, paleo dieters, and anyone who wants to eliminate chemicals from their food, this seasoning blend will surely be a staple in your kitchen!

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