NOSO Spice Blend Set - Seasoning Without Salt


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No Sodium (NOSO) Spice Blend Set - Seasoning Without Salt

NOSO Spice Blend set is a three pack of seasoning blends is the ultimate choice for salt free seasoning.  This set is intended for people who are watching sodium intake for health purposes and need to replace salt with something that still taste good.  Use these spices for no salt recipes or to have more control over your sodium intake by add your own sea salt. They are also good if you're trying to remove salt from your diet completely.
Our recipe blog is growing with cooking ideas.  If you need low or no sodium meals, substitute the blend used in the recipe with one of these seasonings.
Seasonest Original Salt Free Seasoning - You can still enjoy the 'Nawlins flavor with this salt-free Cajun - Creole influenced seasoning.  It's an all-purpose seasoning that can be used for just about any dish you want to cook.  You definitely need this in your spice cabinet or on your spice rack because it's the no salt version of our best selling spice. We've added celery seed and lemon peel instead of sea salt.
Seasonest Curry Spice Blend - Based on our award winning Ghosted Curry Spice Blend, this seasoning packs a punch in the spiciness category even though it's not made with ghost peppers.  You can make curries, stews and savory meals with no added salt using this spice.
Seasonest Best Friend Spice Blend - Earthy Turmeric spice is the best way to describe this seasoning mix.  Salt-free turmeric with organic herbs and organic spices.
With this set, there's no reason you can't enjoy low and no sodium meals.  

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  • TAKE ALL YOUR FAVORITE DISHES TO THE NEXT LEVEL: This 100% salt free set of herbs and spices offers up bold flavors and spicy heat with our all purpose original, curry powder and earthy aromatic Best Friend Blend seasonings. Great for Cajun/Creole, Indian, Mediterranean, and general all purpose seasoning for cooking.
  • SPICE BLENDS NO SALT: Clean Eating - This variety of blends is a cooking staple for every foodie that loves bold yet medium heat seasoning without salt. The rich combination of herbs and seasoning takes us on a salt free yet rich culinary journey. So go ahead , and sprinkle it on.
  • PROPRIETARY, AMAZINGLY FLAVOR FILLED BLENDS: Each of our original spice blends is handmade in small batches, ensuring you get a fresh, delicious blend every time you buy! We only use wholesome and organic ingredients which are completely NON-GMO, Animal Product, Gluten, MSG and Chemical-Free! Our spices are suitable for those following a VEGAN, PALEO or LOW SODIUM diet.
  • EXCEPTIONAL INTRODUCTORY VALUE PACK: Our kit contains 3 bottles! This pack includes the Original Salt-Free, Curry and Best Friend Blend that will help you cook all sorts of dishes, while also to expand your gustatory horizons with Seasonest’s unique flavor offerings! This set is an exceptional value offer – you’ll love each blend so much, you’ll keep coming back to stock up!
  • THE PERFECT GIFT SET: Don’t know what to get for your favorite foodie’s birthday? Do you have a spice-loving chef in your life, who’s always on the lookout for the best spice blends? Seasonest’s Spice Blend Combo Gift Set is sure to be a hit for everyone who loves bold, flavor-filled food! Purchase Your Set Now And Start Experiencing Flavorful Food Like You’ve Never Had Before!

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