Original Salt Free Spice Blend - 1lb Bag


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If you love our Original Spice Blend but find that it is just too salty for your taste, you will love the Seasonest Original Salt-Free Spice Blend. This blend has all the flavor of the original seasoning mix, but without the salt. Whether you are cutting back on your sodium intake for health purposes or simply do not like to salt your food, this is the ideal blend for your needs. Sprinkle it over everything from baked potatoes to chicken to beef to pork. Eating less salt doesn’t have to mean eating flavorless food. With this blend, you’ll get all of the flavors you love and none of the salt.

Buy in bulk to save! Our one-pound bulk bag of Original Salt Free Spice Blend makes it easy to keep your favorite blends on hand. Every Seasonest blend is made only with the most delicious, natural, organic ingredients. Perfect for vegans and paleo-dieters, our blends are made in small batches to ensure freshness and quality.

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