Dry Brine Turkey is a Huge Hit for a Holiday Feast

Some families eat a goose and others a roasted turkey on a big holiday. But this year you’ll be the most popular chef in town with a dry brine turkey for your feast. It is quite simple to prep a turkey for a big dinner using dry brine, it locks in all of that perfectly cooked turkey juiciness.

Dry Brine Turkey

There are wet brines and there are dry brines. Dry brine is going to give you a very similar deliciousness as a wet one and it takes up far less space in your refrigerator. As you know, space is at a premium for big holiday dinners. This is just the ticket for an easy turkey preparation.

The first thing you’ll need is 1/3 cup of Himalayan Pink salt or other very large grain salt like kosher salt. The next thing you’ll need is a bottle of Seasonest Soul Food Spice Blend. And of course, you’ll need a raw turkey!

Mix the Himalayan Pink Salt with ¼ cup of  Seasonest Soul Food Spice Blend. It is best to use a mild version of this blend unless you know every person coming to dinner likes very spicy food.

Rinse your thawed turkey well inside and out. Then pat it down with paper towels inside and out. Rub the salt and spice mixture all over the turkey inside and outside. Put the turkey on a rack in a roaster pan and keep it in the refrigerator overnight, uncovered.

In the morning remove the turkey and rinse it well. Pat it dry. Make little slits in the skin on the breast and push little chunks of cold coconut oil in there. Cook according to turkey packaging directions.

Enjoy all of the accolades from friends and family when they dig into those juicy slices of dry brine turkey.

Seasonest Soul Food Seasoning Blend

Soul Food Seasoning Blend

The spiciness of this seasoning has the perfect balance for just about everyone. Soul food seasoning is used for any meats or vegetables you like to cook.

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