​Grilled Fish with a Tangy Kick - Salmon Filet

The idea of grilling fish can be somewhat intimidating, especially if you happen to use a filet instead of a whole fish. The problem that most people seem to have is that the fish tends to fall apart. You can avoid this by using salmon, which holds together a lot better, but you might want other options.

Salmon Filet

Here are some tips:

  • Make sure to preheat your grill. Not only will this give you those wonderful grill marks and luscious grilled flavor, it can keep your fish from drying out. Spending unnecessary time on the grill can be a prime factor in the piece falling apart.
  • Thoroughly clean the grill grates. Nothing makes food stick faster, especially fish, than leftover bits of whatever you grilled last time! A nice stiff wire brush used after the grill is nice and hot will clean them off wonderfully, giving you a perfect start.
  • Allow your fish filet to come up to room temperature by letting it sit out for at least ten minutes. This not only helps to keep the fish from sticking, but also helps to hold the seasoning on the meat.
  • Once the filet has come to room temperature, oil it generously and dust well with Seasonest Lemon Pepper Spice Blend for an amazingly tart and smokey flavor. If you enjoy turning up the heat on your palate, then choose our Seasonest Lemon Fire Spice Blend. You'll get the same zing, with a bit more kick!
  • Cook your filet in such a way that you don't have to turn it more than once. Turning a fish filet multiple times can assure a broken piece, every time. The rule of thumb to follow is, if your fish filet is an inch thick, grill each side about three to four minutes each. Keep the grill lid closed during this time. Each time you open the lid, you increase the amount of time to cook your fish until done.
  • If, when you go to turn your filet, it won't release, do not force it This means that it has not cooked completely on that side. Forcing it at this time will only break the filet up and cause you to have to turn it again later.
  • Once you've removed your fish from the grill, enjoy with your favorite grilled side. Asparagus is a good choice, as are veggie kebabs that can be grilled right along side your fish.

Enjoy your next grill session and remember to rely on our seasonings for all the flavor you‘ll need.

Seasonest Lemon Pepper Seasoning Blend

There’s nothing better than lemon pepper on fish. There's the lemony zing, smoky black pepper, along with garlic, onion and sea salt to bring out a richness of flavor. We like to combine this blend with our Original Seasoning Blend because of this.

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Seasonest Lemon Fire Seasoning Blend

This tangy, zesty citrus blend has a cayenne kick. The easiest way to describe it is hot lemon pepper. You get the deliciousness of citrus, garlic, cayenne and black pepper.

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