Indian Spices are for More Than Curry

Indian spices are a wonderful mix of the best of the world in Asian Spices. Many people think curry is a flavor, but really it just means gravy or sauce. Typical curries have either meat or vegetables and they are in a rich, flavorful sauce that has been cooking for hours. But how can you capture those flavors at home?

Indian Spices

Indian spices are full of flavor. Sure, many of them are very hot on the tongue, but these Indian blends are about far more than just a couple of drops of pepper oil or mixing in some powdered Ghost Peppers. The Indian blends of spice usually include the unique flavors of cardamom, coriander, cumin, black mustard seed, cinnamon, ginger and others found on the spice routes in ancient times.

Making curry is a bit of an art form, as you might know if you frequent various Indian restaurants. Every curry chef has their own special methods. But the best of Indian cooking is all about flavor and not about the BTUs of the added chili peppers. The curry is very rich, smooth and fills your mouth with delightful flavors from faraway lands.

While you’re experimenting with curry, remember to add some to meat dishes. Cooking a simple cut up chicken can suddenly turn into an amazingly flavorful treasure when sprinkled with  Seasonest Curry Mild Spice Blend. Of course, you’ll want to add thick sliced onions and maybe a few chopped, peeled potatoes to it while it cooks in all those juices.

The World of Spice

Indian spices add so many varied flavors to your ordinary everyday food. You don’t have to have years of experience cooking curries to dramatically change your ordinary menu. Take a look today at the variety of Seasonest Curry spice blends. 

Seasonest Curry Mild Seasoning Blend

Curry Mild Seasoning Blend

Curry spices are trending because they contain a lot of savory flavor and health benefits too. Because they also tend to be hot, not everyone can enjoy the taste of curry. This blend does not have the spiciness but all the deliciousness can it's know for is present and accounted for.

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