Spicy Foods Help Weight Loss - Must Be Avoided by One Type Of Person

Now you have a great excuse to eat more spicy foods! They can help you lose some unwanted pounds right at the dining room table. This is great news for most, but there is one type of person that should avoid hot spices containing capsaicin.

Spicy Foods

Humanity has had a love affair going with spicy foods for thousands of years. And probably longer than that for those who love a spicy life. The health benefits of spices are being discovered of late. And according to a  NY Times article, many studies have confirmed that spicy foods help people lose weight in a couple of different ways.

The spiciness isn’t limited to just chili peppers. Gingerroot and black peppercorns provide the same spicy benefits. (Peppercorns are not related to hot and sweet peppers.) Another type of person can rejoice about the ginger and peppercorn benefits, because they suffer when they eat hot peppers.

When a person has a hiatal hernia and/or gastritis, they get more than health benefits from hot peppers. They get horrendous heartburn and an irritated stomach lining. However, they can eat moderate amounts of regular peppercorns and ginger root without problem. So, they too can enjoy spicy food’s health benefits and use it to shed a few pounds.

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