Spicy Recipes and Ideas for Your Barbeque in Any Weather

Spicy recipes involve a lot more than just sprinkling a little cayenne pepper on the meat, although that helps! When you want the most delicious barbeque parties in the neighborhood, you’re going to have to go with a wonderful array of flavors that will match your BBQ Chef perfection.

Spicy Recipes

There is nothing simple anymore about grilling up awesome hamburgers on your Weber. They need to involve unique and spicy recipes and go well beyond just adding fire to meat. Are you going to stuff them with mushrooms, mix some fresh eggs in with the ground meat, use sirloin or chuck when grinding your own meat, embed peppercorns or sprinkle spectacular spice blends? There is so much to decide long before you first up light up the charcoal briquettes.

While most people have friends over for a barbeque in the summertime, you don’t need to limit grilling to any particular season. Your friends will still come by and line up for your special spicy talents for burgers, chili, steaks and chicken even in the dead of winter! Just shovel off the snow from the lid and start grilling!

Ideas for the Grill

  • A squeeze of fresh lime on meats just before serving is the perfect mix with a good spicy seasoning blend.
  • Sprinkle spices where you don’t expect it, like on homemade breads fresh out of the oven.
  • Mix a paste of garlic and ghosted spice blends and apply to meats liberally just before grilling.

Offer guests a variety of  ghosted spice blends to spice up BBQ to their heart’s delight. They can pick out a seasoning flavor they’ve never tried before or use the blend that is their favorite. The perfect BBQ Chef is a master of spicy recipes, but offers guests fun choices, too. And don’t forget a bottle of  mild seasoning, because some guests want only flavor and none of the heat.

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