The Specialness of Jolokia AKA Ghost Peppers

If you aren’t a chile pepper aficionado, when you hear the name Ghost Pepper you might picture a dead pepper. Then your mind will wander off to wonder why you haven’t seen little ghosts float up from a pepper you picked off of a plant. Sooner or later your best friend will punch you in the arm to bring you back around to reality. Hey! Ghost peppers are just another name for the Jolokia pepper. So! What is that?


Jolokia goes by a lot of names, but it is commonly known as Ghost Pepper when you’re discussing food, very, very hot food. The Bhut Jolokia variety has won the distinction of being the hottest chile pepper in the world. It registers at 1,000,000 Scoville heat units (SHUs). The Habanero, the chile pepper everyone was talking about around a decade ago, comes in at about 500,000 SHUs. Yeah, Jolokia is darn hot.

So, what do you do with a pepper that is that hot? Some will try to prove their machismo, or machisma, by eating them in a contest. And some will burn a hole in their esophagus in the process. Sadly, not everyone has very good sense.

Most people who enjoy incredibly hot foods will cook with them. That is some tricky bit of business, because the oils from the pepper will get into the air. You’ll breathe it, you’ll taste it and it’ll go into your eyes. So, grinding and chopping the Jolokia should be left to the professionals.

Seasonest has Jolokia peppers under the name Ghost Peppers. We will happily “ghost” any of our spice blends for you to keep you and everyone in your home safe from pepper oil in the air. You can sprinkle some  ghosted spice on your dinner and enjoy great flavor and the incredibly hot level of hot while doing it safely!

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