Types of Spices that are the Most Popular Right Now

Great cooks always want to stay current with what are the types of spices that are trending. You probably didn’t know that spices go in and out of favor, but they do! If you want to be on the cutting edge of herbs and spices, here are the ones you should be using this year.

Types of Spices that Trend

The third most popular types of spices right now are the Italian spices. These would include sage, oregano, rosemary and thyme. Of course, garlic and onions most of all, but aren’t they always? Italian foods are popular, so always include a bit of Italian flare with salad dressings, appetizers or a main course.

The second most popular spice trend is curry. Everyone loves curry! The spices that are typically in curries are cumin, coriander, turmeric and mustard seeds. Those are the very basic essentials. Other spices you’ll find that give curry some variety are fennel, cardamom, cayenne, mace, cinnamon and cloves. Adding these spices to any side dish or entree will make it very Indian.

The most popular blend right now in spice is Mexican! Again, we see cumin as being a major player in popular flavor. Mexican food always uses cumin along with Mexican oregano, powdered chilies and coriander. Of course, plenty of garlic and onions is a must! Mexican food also uses the flavor of lime to add a unique taste to meats and vegetables.

Seasonest Herbs and Spices

Seasonest always knows what types of spices are hot and trending. You’ll find Mexican, Italian and  Curry Seasonings in our line up all the time. You can order them in a variety of heat levels from mild up to Ghosted! We will make sure you stay popular in the kitchen.

Seasonest Curry Mild Seasoning Blend

Curry Mild Seasoning Blend

Curry spices are trending because they contain a lot of savory flavor and health benefits too. Because they also tend to be hot, not everyone can enjoy the taste of curry. This blend does not have the spiciness but all the deliciousness can it's know for is present and accounted for.

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