What is Soul Food Seasoning Used For?

What is soul food seasoning used for? Oh, so many dishes become traditional Southern foods with an addition of soul food seasoning. Soul food is the traditional food of the south enjoyed by Black Southern Americans. It is a unique twist on the average Southern food dishes that enjoy a particular unique flavor.

What is Soul Food Seasoning Used For?

Of course, the specific dish you’re making is either soul food or it isn’t, but adding the seasonings commonly used with soul food gives it that bit of perfection. Seasonest has a  Soul Food Seasoning blend that captures the wide variety of spices and herbs used in Black Southern cooking.

Foods that are considered soul food are dishes such as:

  • Collard, Turnip or Mustard Greens
  • Fried Chicken
  • Okra
  • Chicken Fried Steak
  • Black-Eyed Peas
  • Fried Fish
  • Ox Tails
  • Turkey Neck Bones
  • Cornbread
  • Hushpuppies
  • Ribs
  • Sweet Potatoes

Seasonest makes it easy when you’re an old pro at cooking Soul Food or when you’re new to using Soul Food seasoning. Instead of having an entire pantry shelf dedicated to this particularly tasty group of herbs and spices, they are all packed into one convenient bottle.

You can use Soul Food seasoning as a little touch of the South on a grilled chicken breast, or you can go all out and use it as a dry rub when smoking a brisket. It’ll add a little kick to the deliciousness of Southern food, whether it is a batch of collard greens or a hefty serving of deep fried sweet potato fries.

The best ideas on what Soul Food seasoning is used for come from home cooks from Chicago to the deepest parts of the South. Keep a bottle of Seasonest Soul Food Seasoning on the table to perk up your greens or hushpuppies, but definitely have a lot on hand to use as a dry rub when smoking meat and chicken.

Seasonest Soul Food Spicy Seasoning Blend

Soul Food Spicy Seasoning Blend

We've added extra spiciness to this all-purpose seasoning. Use it on any meats or vegetables you like to cook. You'll love the smoky flavor with a little turmeric in the seasoning salt.

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