Why Turmeric is the Hottest Curry Spice Going Lately

Curry Spice’s Turmeric

It seems that turmeric went from, “Oh, that’s good for you!” to “Turmeric cures everything!” overnight. But curry spice lovers just sit there quietly making their way through the lunch buffet, knowing it is all so delicious and not giving a hoot about what that yellow stuff might cure. But, some do care. They care a lot.

It seems the hubbub is centered around the substance curcumin, this is the yellow colored component in turmeric that has anti-inflammatory properties. Natural healers say it is a rival to ibuprofen! It is also said to protect healthy cells in the colon, help lower bad cholesterol and prevent heart disease.

But using turmeric medically is nothing new. It has been found in ancient pots in India dating back to 2500 BCE. Ayurvedic medicine started using it around 500 BCE for healing. So, today’s naturopaths and home herbalists are saying nothing new. It seems they are just shouting it louder by using the Internet than in recent years past.

Turmeric in Your Diet

The simple and most delicious way to add turmeric to your diet to take advantage of all of its healing benefits is to eat Indian food more often. If you don’t know how to cook Indian dishes, no problem. Seasonest has you covered. We have several versions of  curry spice to meet everyone’s level of hot spiciness. Turmeric itself is not hot like chili peppers, it is just a hot topic for the past couple of years.

Seasonest Curry Indian Seasoning Blend

Curry Indian Seasoning Blend

This is a hot curry made from an exotic mix of herbs and spices. Curries are known for a delightful flavor. It is salt-free and great for people watching their sodium intake.

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