Soul Food Spice Blend


Need to add a little soul to your food? Seasonest Soul Food Spice Blend is the best way to add delicious soul food flavor to your cooking, from pork chops to prime rib to fish to fried chicken. There simply isn’t anything better than this spice for ending complex flavors to anything you might be cooking. Even if you are not making a dish that is typically considered “soul food,” adding a dash of this high-quality blend will up the flavor ante.

The paprika, garlic, turmeric, and pepper in this blend make it perfect for adding savory flavor to anything you are making. Every Seasonest blend, including this Soul Food Spice Blend is made only with organic, gluten-free and non-GMO herbs and spices. Every small batch is as close to homemade as possible so we can ensure freshness and consistency in every package that leaves our store. Perfect for those on paleo or vegan diets, try the Seasonest Soul Food Blend to liven up your cooking!

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Tammy 21st Oct 2013

Savory Gluten Free Seasoning

You are really going to love these savory gluten free seasonings. I would have never thought that gluten free could taste this good. I put this stuff on a ton of my regular meals. My family absolutely loves this.

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