About the Company

Based in metro Atlanta, Seasonest is committed to providing our customers with high-quality, gourmet seasoning and spice blends. With our offices in the middle of Atlanta, we are surrounding with vibrant people and cultures from around the world. It is this atmosphere from which we draw inspiration for our blends. As a family-owned business, we are committed to making the very best products, with an emphasis on healthy families and delicious food. We know that great food can bring a family together.

When you buy one of our blends, you know you are getting the very best in seasoning and spice blends that have been formulated with care and used by generations of our own family members. We use the freshest herbs and spices possible so you have the flavor you’re looking for to make your food taste great.

The History
Our very first blend was the Original Spice Blend. Created in memory of my father, this blend became the foundation of our business, and my father the inspiration for all that we do. He loved to cook almost as much as he loved his family, which is why we chose his likeness to be the face of our company.

My father, affectionately called Mr. J, once took a trip to New Orleans. After only a short stay, he had fallen in love with the Cajun spices and flavors so popular there. He began working on his own blend, constantly tweaking and refining it until he got the flavor just right. His goal was not just to create a delicious blend for cooking and grilling, he also wanted to create a blend that was natural and low-sodium.

This spice blend was his personal project for a long time, and once he had perfected it, there was such a high demand for it that he knew he had to make it available to everyone. Besides creating a healthy, flavorful seasoning, he also wanted it to be easy enough to use that both an amateur cook and a restaurant chef could use it to improve a dish. One of his favorite sayings about the blend was, “This seasoning is so good, it will taste great on ice cream, too!”

It was his commitment to tasty cooking that inspired Seasonest spice blends, and we have expanded from that original spice to a wide variety, perfect for every cook, in every kitchen.

What We Believe
We don’t just want to create delicious seasoning blends. At Seasonest, we believe that healthy food can be flavorful food, so every blend is made only with the very best ingredients, including:

100% natural and organic herbs and spices that are both gluten-free and non-genetically modified
French Mediterranean sea salt
All of our recipes are small batched and given plenty of personalized attention. This ensures a homemade flavor and consistency, so no matter how many times your order your favorite blend, you will always be pleased with its flavor and freshness. Seasonest Spice Blends is committed to making healthy cooking delicious and flavorful, with blends that are free of additives, chemicals, and MSG. We use sea salt from the French Mediterranean because it contains essential minerals, in addition to flavor.

About Our Seasoning and Spice Blends
Why use our blends? Too many other manufacturers fill their blends with additives, gluten, and preservatives—three things that no seasoning blend needs. Ours provide just as much (if not more) flavor, without all the nasty fillers.

We are a small minority-owned business that is operated by our family. Every time you purchase from a small business you’re supporting the American economy because small business it the backbone of our country.

When you buy from Seasonest, you know you are getting the highest quality spice and seasoning blends available, that we use in our own homes! You join an online community of people that love great flavor and cooking at home.

Where To Purchase Our Products

You can purchase here on our website. We also sell some products in set on Amazon.com. If you’re local to metro Atlanta, you can find some of our products in Whole Foods and The Fresh Market. Please check our Locations page for a list of stores.