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Tasty Spiced Foods Let You Lose Weight Fast

When you’ve had enough of being out of shape and you make that commitment to get rid of the extra pounds, head right for the spicy foods. Spicy foods let you accomplish your weight loss goals faster. And there is a very good reason as to why.

Spiced Foods for Weight Loss

Food that has a lot of spice in it is very flavorful, so it is no wonder that it tastes far better than bland dishes, making it easier to eat healthier. But there is another reason to include spices in your meals when you’re on a weight loss plan.

Spices have long been used as medicines, so keep that in mind while you’re sprinkling some taste enhancing Seasonest spices on your fish, rice and steamed vegie dinner. You can harness their power by using them to meet your weight loss goals!

Some of the spices that have certain properties to encourage weight loss are being studied to gather more evidence that they do what people think they do. These spices are cumin, turmeric and cardamom.

Spices for Weight Loss

Here is what we know about these wonderful tasting spices that are frequently used in Indian curries.


In a small study to test the weight loss properties of cumin supplements, it was found to cause weight loss of 2.2 pounds more than people who took a placebo.


Everyone is talking about turmeric for numerous health reasons, one being its effect on fat burning. One study conducted by a team at Boston’s Tufts University showed positive effects of turmeric on lowering cholesterol, lowering body fat and preventing body weight gain.


Studies have found that this wonderfully tasty spice was effective in reducing body fat in animals.

Getting Healthier

When you want to lose a lot of pounds or just a few, you are going to make changes in your diet to include more fresh vegetables and eat less overall. Combine these spices with nutritious foods to make your meals wonderfully tasty and satisfying. All these fat burning spices are found in the Seasonest curry spice blends.

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