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What is Adobo Seasoning Used for in Cooking?

What is adobo seasoning used for in cooking and why should you always have it in the cupboard? This particular seasoning is a favorite for those who enjoy foods from Latin countries like Mexico and Spain. It is a tasty blend of herbs and spices that adds that special flavor you crave when you desperately want some Mexican food.

What is Adobo Seasoning Used for?

Adobo Seasoning is used for flavoring foods from Latin countries like Mexico or Spain. The interesting thing is the word adobo just means seasoning. The blend of spices and herbs that make up adobo is such an authentic blend that it is just called the Spanish word for seasoning.

Seasonest’s Adobo spice blend is an organic mixture of paprika, sea salt, black pepper, onion, garlic, chipotle pepper and other organic spices. Paprika is a spice that you usually see sprinkled as a garnish on deviled eggs and baked chicken. It is red in color and not normally used as a hot spicy choice, but it can have a kick to it.

Paprika, the main ingredient in adobo, has some important health benefits. It is loaded with antioxidants, those chemicals that keep cell oxidation down. While your body rusting isn’t much of a problem, although it feels like it sometimes in the morning, your cells will oxidize also. Oxidation is caused by other chemicals called free radicals. Free radicals are a result of some of the foods we eat, pollution and smoke, etc. Antioxidants neutralize free radicals, making you healthier and younger looking.

Adobo, which is a seasoning that is loaded with paprika and other wonderful spices, makes your spicy food just a little healthier, especially when mixed with avocado. A healthy fat, like the fat in avocado, helps the antioxidants do their work.

So, what is adobo seasoning used for? It is used to get healthier, while making your tacos and guacamole taste so much better!

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Seasonest Adobo Seasoning Blend

If you love the authentic flavors of Tex-Mex or Mexican foods, then look no further. The Adobo Spice Blend livens up taco, guacamole and fajitas. It is rich and tasty making any weeknight meal a fiesta! 

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