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What is Savory Seasoning and How is It Used in Food

You hear the word savory used a lot by the chefs on cooking programs and it likely leaves you wondering, what is savory seasoning? The answer is a little bit complicated.

What is Savory Seasoning?

Answering the big question what is savoring seasoning? is a little bit complicated. There isn’t an exact definition. It is more of a group of flavors and each one is referred to as savory. These include salty and spicy. In a nutshell, savory is most everything that isn’t sweet.

Savory is probably the most overused word by chefs on television. Between cooking shows and cooking segments on news programs, you will hear the word used at least once, if not numerous times in each show.

The word savory means so many things, but it always means food that is seasoned to be full of flavor and very tasty. But, sweet things, although full of their own incredibly tasty flavors, are never referred to as savory.

Examples of savory foods would be potato chips, especially those with seasoning on them in addition to salt, pizza, roasted meats and potatoes, ceviche, curry, spaghetti and cheese. But usually the word is used when talking about special dishes with very flavorful seasonings.

Food Cravings

When you crave foods, those foods to tend to fall into either a sweet or savory category. People do not have a big craving for something bland that has little salt or flavor to it, usually. Food cravings are usually tacos, potato chips, cinnamon rolls, ice cream or other foods that are high in fat, spices, salt or sugar.

What Savory Foods Do You Love?

You could probably make a long list of the savory foods that you love, now that you know what savory seasoning is and how to use it. Seasonest helps you satisfy your savory cravings with our line of savory spices.

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