3 Pack Spice Blend


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Seasoning Set - 3 Pack

If you're new to our products and don't cook as often as you'd like, we recommend this starter spice set and work your way up to a 6 pack of spice blends. This is a popular spice set if you're looking for spice gift sets.

Save more with the 3 Pack Spice Blends! It' cheaper than buying the individual seasonings.  Customize your selection so you get the spices that you love, delivered right to your door.

If you’re in a pinch and need a delicious gift for a friend or loved one, this all purpose seasoning set is the ideal choice. You choose which three spices you want to receive in your 3 Pack Spice Blends; choose from any of our delicious blends.

Not sure which blends to pick? Try the original blend, paired with its mild and spicy versions.  These seasoning blends are perfect for Cajun - Creole seasoning or blackened seasoning.  If you like a mexican spice blend, try our Adobo seasoning.  We have Jerk seasoning and Curry spice in 3 heat levels. Soul Food, Lemon Pepper, Lemon Fire, and Best Friend (Turmeric, Herbs and Spices).

Be sure to check our recipe blog for cooking ideas and tips for using our spice blends. Chicken recipes and Mexican Food are popular so we've made sure you have plenty to choose from. Continue to check the blog post regularly as new recipes are posted regularly. The blends are good on meats poultry, beef, pork and fish.  The spices and herbs are are combined with sea salt (unless it's a salt free seasoning) that minimizes the need for marination.

Seasonest Spice Blends

Our seasoning mixes have the freshly ground herbs and spices used the most in the kitchen: paprika, thyme, basil, sea salt, cayenne, garlic and onion. 

All of our spice blends are all-natural, made from organic, non-GMO ingredients are entire gluten and MSG free. If you are vegan or following the paleo lifestyle, these spices are perfect for you! Each blend you choose is as homemade as possible, in small batches so you get a consistently delicious and fresh blend every single time you order. Add a 3 Pack Seasoning Set to your cart and great flavor will be at your doorstep soon.

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C Haislip 19th Mar 2021

Packs a punch!

I haven’t had spices in years because most have msg or gluten.
So when first trying these, my tastebuds were overwhelmed. WOW. The flavor! We’ve used them for a week now(on everything) and so impressed with the rich and authentic flavors. Alittle goes a long way.

Wanda 21st Oct 2013

Custom All Natural Spice Combo Pack

This custom all natural spice combo pack is an amazing addition to any kitchen. With so many spices to choose from, there is something for everyone. This also makes such a wonderful gift.

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