Ghost Pepper 4 Spice Pack

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Seasonest Ghosted 4 Pack Spice Blends set (Ghost Pepper Seasoning blends).  This is truly an award-winning spice blend set!  All seasonings received honors at the 2017 Zestfest Fiery Food Challenge.

Ghosted Curry Spicy Blend – Golden Chili Award, #1 in the Asian Seasoning and Marinade Category

Ghosted Original Spice Blend – #2 in the Dry Seasoning/Rub for Beef Category

Ghosted Soul Food Spice Blend – #3 in the Dry Seasoning/Rub for Beef

Ghosted Jerk Spice Blend – #3 in the Caribbean Seasoning or Marinade

So many great dishes can be made with this set. Here are some ideas to get your wheels turning:

Curry Goat, Curry Chicken, Vegetable Curry, Cajun Meatloaf, Nashville-Hot Fried Chicken, Jerk Chicken

>>>>> CAUTION:  These spice blends are made with Ghost Peppers which are known to be one of the hottest chili peppers available. <<<<<

Extreme heat foods have a culture of dedicated followers.  If that’s you, then you’re in the right place.  What’s so amazing about these spices are the fact that it’s more than just fire on your tongue.  Yes, your taste buds are going to tingle with savory flavor too.  This set is not for the faint of heart but for the adventurous taste buds ONLY!  Enjoy…sparingly.

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  • MSG, GLUTEN, SOY, DAIRY, FILLERS and SUGAR FREE: Fire Hot GHOST PEPPER Spice. This set contains FOUR bottles of fire hot flavor Original (Cajun influence), Jerk, Soul Food (all purpose seasoning salt) and Curry Powder spice blends. Great for Cajun/Creole, CARIBBEAN, Soups/Stews, Spicy FRIED CHICKEN, Vegetarian/Vegan or Bold Chipotle/Adobo recipes. Hotter than our hottest blends, this set is for those looking for fire hot heat without losing flavor.
  • UNIQUE ALL PURPOSE SEASONING: CLEAN EATING – Each of our original spice blends is handmade in small batches, ensuring you get a fresh, delicious blend every time you buy! ALL ingredients are 100% ORGANIC and NON-GMO. NO Animal Product, Gluten and Chemical-Free! Our spices are suitable for those following a Vegetarian, Vegan, Paleo and Ketogenic diets.
  • FINEST FRENCH SEA SALT: We source our sea salt from Britanny, France, famous for its production of high quality, natural salt. It is 100% UNprocessed, harvested and packaged following 2000-year old CELTIC method! This salt is chock full of minerals – a wholesome, healthy addition to our amazing blends!
  • EXCEPTIONAL INTRODUCTORY VALUE PACK: If you’re looking for more than “HOT” Heat, you’ll love the FIRE HOT Heat of this 4-Pack that will help you cook all sorts of dishes. This set is an exceptional value offer – Ghost Peppers and all other ingredients are 100% ORGANIC – you’ll love each blend so much, you’ll keep coming back to stock up!
  • THE PERFECT GIFT SET: Don’t know what to get for your favorite foodie’s birthday? Do you have a spice-loving chef in your life, who’s always on the lookout for the best spice blends? Seasonest’s Spice Blend Combo Gift Set is sure to be a hit for everyone who loves bold, fire hot flavor-filled food! Purchase Your Set Now And Start Experiencing Flavorful Food Like You’ve Never Had Before!

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