Bakers Dozen

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Bakers Dozen

All of the best spice blends. Are you moving into a real house or apartment for the first time and need to outfit your kitchen with the very best spice blends money can buy? Or, alternatively, are you just starting to spice up your life and aren’t sure which spices to get? If you can’t decide which spices are for you or simply want the full selection, this is the perfect way to get every single Seasonest spice blend, from the original all the way does to the Italian spice blend! If you know someone who’s about to be a new bride, be sure to get one for her too.

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About Our Spices

All of our blends are organic, non-GMO, and completely gluten free, as well as being vegan and paleo approved. They are perfect to use whether you are trying to cook healthier, more delicious meals or are just trying to add more spice to your cooking, with sacrificing your clean eating ways.

The seasoning blends you’ll get with this pack are:

  • Original All-Purpose Spice Blend – Cajun – Creole Flavor
  • Spicy All-Purpose Spice Blend – Cajun – Creole Flavor
  • Mild All-Purpose Spice Blend – Cajun – Creole Flavor
  • Soul Food Spice Blend – All Purpose
  • Soul Food Spicy Spice Blend – All Purpose
  • Soul Food Mild Spice Blend – All Purpose
  • Original Salt-Free Spice Blend – No Salt Seasoning
  • Lemon Pepper Spice Blend – Citrus Blend
  • Lemon Fire Spice Blend – Spicy Citrus Blend
  • Italian Spice Blend – Mediterranean
  • Adobo Spice Blend – Mexican Food
  • Jerk Spice Blend – Caribbean – Hot Spiciness
  • Jerk Mild Spice Blend – Mild Spiciness Caribbean

Not sure what to do with all of this selection? Check out our recipe blog for ideas after you add the Bakers Dozen to you cart for the ultimate set of the best spice blends.

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