Classic Spice Blends

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Classic Spice Blends – Traditional Heat Level

Seasonest Classic Spice Blends four pack of top selling seasoning.  Since all spice blends in this set are traditional heat level, they can be enjoyed by almost everyone.  Share this one with your friends and they’ll love you for it!
Seasonest Original Spice Blend – This is one of the best products for you to start with because this is where we started as a company.  Use as an all-purpose seasoning on just about anything you can imagine (meat, vegetables, stews, salads, popcorn, and more).
Seasonest Soul Food Spice Blend – Southern all-purpose seasoning that has delicious soul flavor. It’s a favorite in the Seasonest family because it helps make satisfying, finger-licking dishes.
Seasonest Lemon Pepper Spice Blend – Zesty citrus pepper spice blend.  Made with organic coarse ground black pepper and organic lemon peel, this seasoning adds a special touch to chicken, fish and vegetables.
Seasonest Italian Spice Blend – Authentic and tasty describes this seasoning the best.  Be sure to check out our article “How To Use an Italian Spice Blend“.
Don’t struggle with bland flavor any more.  Get a Classic Spice Blend 4-pack set today.
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About our Products

  • 100% ORGANIC HERBS & SPICES SEASONING: Perfect your favorite spice-filled dishes like Cajun/Creole, Soul Food, Italian recipes and more! Great seasoning to put on Chicken like Seasoning for Chicken Salad, Seasoning for Chicken Soup, Seasoning for Chicken Tacos, Seasoning for Chicken Fajitas, or Rubs for chicken! Containing 4 of Seasonest’s classic blends, this set is a cooking staple for every foodie that loves bold, intense, MODERATELY spicy hot flavors!
  • PROPRIETARY, AMAZINGLY BOLD BLENDS: Clean Eating – Each of our original spice blends is handmade in small batches, ensuring you get a fresh, delicious blend every time you buy! We only use wholesome and organic ingredients which are completely NON-GMO, Animal Product, Gluten and Chemical-Free! Our spices are suitable for those following a vegan or paleo diet.
  • FINEST FRENCH SEA SALT: We source our sea salt from Britanny, France, famous for its production of high quality, natural salt. It is 100% unprocessed, harvested and packaged following 2000-year old traditional methods! This salt is choke full of minerals – a wholesome, healthy addition to our amazing blends!
  • EXCEPTIONAL INTRODUCTORY VALUE PACK: Our kit contains 4 bottles, one of each of our medium heat spice blends! This pack includes the Original, Soul Food, Lemon Pepper and Italian blends, that will help you cook all sorts of dishes, while also expanding your culinary horizons with Seasonest’s unique flavor offerings! This set is an exceptional value offer – you’ll love each blend so much, you’ll keep coming back to stock up!
  • THE PERFECT GIFT SET: Don’t know what to get for your favorite foodie’s birthday? Do you have a spice-loving chef in your life, who’s always on the lookout for the best spice blends? Seasonest’s Spice Blend Combo Gift Set is sure to be a hit for everyone who loves bold, flavor-filled food! Purchase Your Set Now And Start Experiencing Flavorful Food Like You’ve Never Had Before! 

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