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Original Salt Free Spice Blend – Seasoning without Salt

Salt Free Spice Blend – Just because you want your food to be delicious doesn’t mean it also has to be salty. Whether you just find most spice blends too salty for your taste or you need to cut down on salt for medical reasons, salt free spices is the way to go and this seasoning is one you want to have. You get all the flavor of the Original Cajun/Creole seasoning, without any added salt.

This is the ideal option for those who don’t want to sacrifice flavor, in order to adhere to a lower sodium diet. People who have high blood pressure, need salt free spice blend or salt substitutes, will enjoy using this blend.  It can bring any meal to life, including chicken, beef, fish, or veggies. Sprinkle it over a steak and you’ll have a delicious Cajun-inspired meal that is low sodium! Sprinkle this over a baked potato and you won’t even remember that it’s salt-free. Any dish can be instantly improved with our Original Salt-Free Spice Blend!

Seasoning blends without salt need other herbs and spices like basil oregano sea salt and garlic powder.  Ingredients like real lemon peel and celery seed can substitute for sodium. It’s true that spices have health benefits. But, it salt a spice? It’s a mineral.

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All of our blends are made with organic, natural spices and ingredients. As close to homemade as you can get, produced in small batches, you’ll find no salt-free blend with more wholesome flavor. Perfect for vegans, paleo dieters, and anyone who just wants to add more flavor into their healthy cooking routine!

Ingredients: organic paprika, organic garlic, organic cumin, organic cayenne pepper, organic black pepper, organic white pepper, organic lemon peel, organic celery seed, organic spices.

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