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Seasonest Spicy Spice Blend – Cajun and Creole Flavor – All Purpose

Seasonest Spicy Spice Blend – Do you love the Original Spice Blend (Cajun – Creole seasoning) but it doesn’t have enough spiciness for you? Then you are in luck because this blend is a must have in your spice rack! This blend has all of the deliciousness of our original blend, with a wallop of hot cayenne pepper creating a hot ‘Nawlins flavor you can’t resist.

Specially formulated to be as flavorful as it is spicy, you don’t have to worry about the spicy taking precedence over the flavor. The right balance of heat and taste for those that like their meals a little more exciting, this is the ideal choice of vegetable, beef, chicken, and fish dishes alike.  This spicy spice has freshly ground herbs and spices with garlic and sea salt.

Want a spicy dip for veggies? Mix it with some sour cream or Greek yogurt. Use it to give chicken a Cajun kick! Any meal that you’re making can be improved with our Spicy Spice Blend.  This seasoning is one of our recommended spices for a great tasting bowl of chili.  You can use this to make a spicy chicken sandwich.  Try the Boilermaker Chili recipe found in our post The Best Way to Enjoy Beer and Chili – Boilermaker Chili. Whatever you like nice and hot, this blend won’t disappoint.

Our Spicy Spice Blend is included in one of our best spice blend sets. If you want a bigger selection of spicy spices in your cabinet to choose from, hop on over to the Keep It Hot 5 pack product page and be sure to add this to your cart. We also have a spice blend set made with ghost peppers, if you can stand the heat, give it a try – Ghosted 4 Pack spice blends (extreme heat level).

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Every Seasonest spice blend is made only with the most natural and wholesome ingredients. Our small batches and close-to-homemade process ensures organic, gluten-free blends that are fresh and delicious every time you buy.

Ingredients: sea salt, organic paprika, organic garlic, organic cumin, organic cayenne pepper, organic black pepper, organic white pepper, organic spices.

Since you’re looking for spicy flavor to make your food taste delicious, add this Spicy Spice Blend to your cart and you’ll be glad you did when it arrives.

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