Soul Food Spicy Spice Blend

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Soul Food Spicy Spice Blend – All Purpose Seasoning

Spicy Soul Food – If you like the Soul Food Blend but wish it was just a little more spicy, then this is the spice for you. You’ll get all the same flavor as our favorite soul food blend, without having to add your own additional punch of spice. There’s nothing wrong with wanted to spice up your life even more!

If the food that feeds your soul should be spicy, you are going to find no better spice than this one for every meal you want to make. Perfect broiled pork chops? Look no further. Tastier mac and cheese? Easy as adding a few sprinkles of this spice. How about cornbread with a kick? A few dashes of Seasonest Soul Food Spicy Spice Blend will do the trick.

We have many recipes in our recipe blog using our Soul Food products. This blend is interchangeable with the other Soul Food Spices if you want to make it hotter. Check back regularly as we roll out new recipes or subscribe to our mailing list so you don’t miss out. I have so many favorite dishes to cook with the seasoning like collard greens, steamed cabbage or fried chicken (and baked chicken too).

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This blend, as with all of your blends, is made only from the very best and most natural ingredients. Our batches are small and as close to homemade as possible for freshness and consistency in every blend. This blend is organic, gluten-free, and perfect for vegans and paleo dieters alike!

Ingredients: sea salt, organic paprika, organic smoked paprika, organic garlic, organic onion, organic cayenne pepper, organic black pepper, organic white pepper

Add a bottle of Soul Food Spicy to you cart for the best spicy soul food.

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