Best Friend Spice Blend – Salt-Free!

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Best Fried Salt Free Seasoning Blend

Salt Free Seasoning: This blend is extremely special to us!  It is inspired by our furry, four-legged family members so we had to call is Best Friend Spice Blend.  But, don’t let the name fool you, it is people-friendly too.

Some of the herbs and spices in the blend are organic basil, organic sage, organic garlic, organic savory, organic parsley, organic turmeric and organic thyme.  It is a salt-free spice blend so works well for those needing to watch sodium intake. It is also good for those who just don’t want to consume so much salt in their diet or control how much of it they get.

Our Tomato Basil Soup with Coconut Milk recipe is made with this no salt seasoning.  Many recipes can be substituted with the Best Friend Spice Blend. This is also a favorite seasoning for me to use when I’m making Sauteed Okra or other pan-fried vegetables. Be sure to see our recipe blog for more ideas on how to use it. Check back regularly as we will continue to update it with new recipes. Or, subscribe to receive emails so you don’t miss out on our recipe updates.

Best Friend Spice Blend can be used on meats, vegetables and as a finishing spice. The best way to describe this spice blend is that it is an earthy turmeric seasoning without salt.

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Please note: Herbs and spices used in the Best Friend Blend are dog-friendly but does contain garlic so please check with your veterinarian first.  Are blends do not contain gluten, MSG or GMOs.

Ingredients: Organic spices and organic garlic

A good tasting, no sodium, salt free seasoning is hard to find. You’ll definitately enjoy this one So, add a bottle of this salt free seasoning blend to your cart today.

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