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Common Cooking Questions about Spices

Here are some common cooking questions we have been asked recently. Usually when someone asks us a question about cooking with spices or about herbs and spices in general, we find that many others were wondering the same thing. So, here are this week’s questions and our answers.

Common Cooking Questions about Spices

Our first question is one we are asked often. Shoppers are seeing an unusual word on the labels of some spices and are wondering what it means.

I noticed when I see fresh ginger root in the store, the label states it has been irradiated. What is that?

Irradiation is exposing the fruit, vegetable, or spice to ionizing radiation. The purpose is to kill it. That might seem odd, but without irradiation it might sprout and start to grow. Irradiation keeps it from growing on the way to the store, in the store and in your home. At Seasonest, we prefer our herbs and spices “undead,” still viable, and without the radiation.

Is salt really evil?

Salt is a natural mineral that our bodies need to be healthy. Unfortunately, today’s over-processed and canned foods are loaded far beyond what is healthy to consume. Those with high blood pressure and other health issues must be careful to keep their salt intake to a small amount. So, no, it is not evil at all. The problem is that people are eating far too much of a good and necessary mineral.

Is coriander really cilantro?

Cilantro is one of those plants that gives us two different seasonings. Cilantro is a very popular leafy herb that is used in salsas, curries and tacos. Coriander is the seed of the cilantro plant. This fresh tasting spice is added to many sauces, meats and salads. Coriander tastes nothing like cilantro.

Why do so many people hate cilantro?

Most people love the taste of cilantro in their Mexican and East Indian foods. However, there is a small percentage of people who think it tastes exactly like soap. There is a genetic reason it tastes like soap to some. These people have special olfactory receptor genes that pick up a specific chemical in the leaf that most people can’t detect.

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