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Ideas for Seasoning Without Salt

When the doctor says to cut way back on your salt, you’re going to have to find another way for seasoning without salt. Sad, but true. Well, except there are a couple of ways to cut a load of salt out of your diet instantly! Yay!

Seasoning Without Salt Secrets

For most people, when the doctor gives you a salt limit to abide by every day, you laugh. You know there is no way you can do that! But! There is a trick. You can do that! There is life after seasoning without salt – okay, maybe with a little salt.

The first job you have is to read every nutritional label on every can in your cupboard. You’ll see a pattern – 500mg of salt per serving, 750mg, 800mg! So, you can have 2 servings of food out of cans and you’re done for the day. Boxes in your cupboard are going to report the same salt insanity.

You must quit eating from cans and boxes. By cooking plain, boring frozen vegetables and cooking fresh meat, you will cut so much salt out of your diet that you might have to put some back in by seasoning with salt!

This is an easy change to make and you’ll quickly get used to it. As a matter of fact, after about a month of eating fresh, frozen, single ingredient foods, food from a can or box tastes so salty! And that is because it is so salty.

But one of the most important things is to buy Seasonest salt-free seasonings to really jazz up the flavor of your natural, healthy whole foods. For the first few days you’ll miss all that salt. Let’s face it, it is very addictive – that’s why the manufacturers load up their foods with salt. So, browse some of our seasoning blends and sprinkle a little of that on your meals. You will love it!

And watch out for fresh and frozen chicken and turkey, even when they are plain and raw. Yes, they inject large amounts of salt water in to them. So, choose your raw chicken very carefully and read every nutritional label on fowl.

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