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The Perfect Gift is an Organic Spice Set

Anytime you need to give a gift for a loved one’s birthday, for a holiday, an anniversary celebration, or a hostess gift, the Seasonest Organic Spice Set is the perfect gift to give. It isn’t just fussy chefs that will appreciate organic spice blends. Anyone who likes to sprinkle a little spice on their food is going to love having the new flavors to sample.

Organic Spice Kit

Everybody loves the flavor and richness they find in an Organic Spice Kit. Organic means a lot of things today, more than just that the product is certified for being grown without chemical pesticides.

People who have trouble with certain chemicals in foods like sodium bisulfite (sulfites), certain dyes like natural red 4 or carmine (which is ground bugs), or would prefer to avoid irradiation, buying organic is the only way to go. But you don’t need to have bad reactions to these extra things in your herbs and spices to want organic. Some savvy consumers would rather have their bottle of spices to be just spices!

The organic spices that are sold at Seasonest are 100% seasonings inside the bottle. Other companies sometimes add extra ingredients that are not spices and herbs to dilute the expensive natural seasonings. This allows them to make more money while offering spices and herbs at low prices, because they have fewer natural herbs and spices in the bottle. At Seasonest, we make sure that what we put in the bottle has no surprises like that, it is all pure salts, herbs and spices.

All our spice kits are 100% organic, so stock up on many flavor options. Keep the kits stashed in your closet, ready to gift a hostess or someone with a birthday that your calendar failed to mention in time.

Seasonest Organic Kits:

  • Keep It Hot 5 Pack 
  • Holiday 2 Pack 
  • Classic Spice Blends 
  • Easy Going Spice Set 
  • Ghost Pepper Spice Pack 
  • Seasoning without Salt – Spice Blend Set

As you can see, our Organic Spice Sets have a little something for every taste. When someone has everything, even spices are the right gift.

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