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Dramatically Improve Your Health with 3 Simple Ingredients

This is going to sound insane, but there are 3 things that you can eat that will help you turn around your health problems. Those things are fat, salt, and acidic foods. It sounds crazy and against everything you’ve been taught, right? Not really. Here is why.

Fat, Salt and Acid

Lately there has been a lot of talk about how the 1980s science of low fat diets was seriously flawed. There are a lot of reasons why that is, but let’s move on to what really helps you get healthy. And it involves using fat, salt and acids to lose weight and improve lab work results.

Fat is not only necessary for a healthy body, but it is one of the 3 things that makes food taste so good. Of course, a diet full of deep fried foods and copious amounts of animal or vegetable fat is not a good idea. All things must be in moderation, especially if it tastes wonderful, as does anything with fat in it. Fat will keep you feeling full far longer than a diet exceptionally low in fat. So, pour olive oil on that salad to your heart’s content.

Salt is a vital nutrient. Without salt you would quickly die. The problem with salt is when you’re eating anything out of a box or can. Those overly processed foods are loaded with enough salt to meet your daily requirement in only two servings. Salt tastes wonderful and that is why the manufacturers put so much of it in their products. It is so you’ll buy theirs instead of the competition’s products. Enjoy salt by sprinkling it and give up almost all canned and boxed foods.

Foods that fall into the acid category are yummy foods like citrus fruits, any type of vinegar, tomatoes and fermented foods. They are all acidic and the tongue loves acidic food. Of course, cola is acidic, too, but that is not a healthy food. So, you need to think about which acids you will be using. A squeeze of fresh lemon juice on a boring piece of steamed fish or into a bowl of bean soup suddenly makes it taste wonderful!

By adding healthy choices of fat, salt and acidic foods to your healthier fruit, vegetable and meat and carb diet, you will always find your new healthier meals absolutely delicious. Plus, you’ll eat less as they’ll keep you feeling full longer! A simple way to add two of these ingredients is to use a Seasonest seasoning like our Lemon Pepper spice blend on your meals!

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