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Eat Your Way into an Energetic and Happier Life

Eat happy foods and be happy. Eat energy stuffed foods and you’ll be energetic. You are what you eat. Nobody wants to be a fat-filled, deep fried chicken leg. Ok, sometimes that’s the goal, but not for every day. Truly nutritious foods are not found in boxes and cans, no matter what that box or can says on the outside. Here is the trick to achieving more energy and happiness in life.

Eating for Energy and Happiness

Fresh fruits and vegetables are an important part of eating right. Make a commitment right now to spend one weekly grocery shopping trip buying raw meats, fresh fish, and raw fruits and vegetables from the fresh grocery aisles. Purchase not one box or can on this trip. This is the only way to force yourself to eat nutritious food.

It doesn’t matter which foods you purchase on this grocery trip, the food just needs to be raw food without any prior prep done to it. And the deli counter doesn’t count as fresh food! If you need some help on how to cook this stuff, spend a few hours picking out recipes to try from the Seasonest blog. Each recipe is a tasty way to prepare nutritious whole foods. You’ll wonder why you haven’t cooked more, because it is so good! Where has this taste been all your life?

The big key to making freshly cooked food taste so incredible is the addition of minced fresh cloves of garlic, sliced onions and lots of other herbs and spices. You might be spending a fortune at restaurants to achieve this level of taste and now you can start doing this at home. Go to a spa for a massage and facial with all the cash you’re going to save.

When you eat whole foods that still have all their nutrition packed into them, you will instantly feel more energetic and happily at peace. You will be smiling more and getting in touch with your inner peace-loving hippy. Enjoy. The next stop might be getting a membership in an organic farm co-op!

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